How are Digital Signature used?


For a lot of people, signing your name on a document is the only kind of authentication they will know. But nowadays, there is an alternative to a signature that is called a digital signature. Digital signatures are present everywhere. They can be found in a check, a bank statement or a credit card transaction. Every time a person signs an email with their digital signature, they are adding an extra level of security to their communication. A digital signature is created by using a device’s unique private key, which is usually stored on a USB drive. A document containing the sender’s public key is also needed to create the digital signature. This process is often referred to as hashing and encryption. When you sign a document, the signature becomes a tamper-proof seal that will tell you if someone else has been messing with your file. And if someone has been messing with your file, you will be notified right away. This is important because even if you trust the sender, they still might be hacked. This is where digital signatures can be helpful because it is tamper-proof. Digital Signature is a type of security authentication.

Published On: June 13th, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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