Digital Signature Process Digital signatures are a way to electronically sign data. It’s like a handwritten signature, you sign off to authenticate your electronic signature. Digital signatures provide a way to secure your information from unauthorized access. It contains the information you want to secure and it is known only by the sender and the receiver when the digital signature is created. Digital signatures are often used in e-commerce, banking, and other industries. Employers can also use them when exchanging sensitive information with their employees. The digital signature is usually combined with a public key infrastructure to further protect the security of the data. A digital signature can be used for a contract, page, and other documents that need to be authenticated.

The process of digital signature:-

  • First, you take a picture of yourself holding your ID
  • Then you take a picture of the document you want to sign
  • Then you put your fingerprint on the screen of the app
  • Then the document is automatically signed and sent to the recipient
  • Your recipient receives a notification and can verify the signature

Price of Digital Signature

Cost of Digital Signature varies from one Certifying authority to another, also markup added by their channel partner. To get lowest Cost Digital Signature you can contact our team.

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